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    I don’t wanna stir up ill will around here – but I’m wondering what peoples preppping peeves are. That is to say – what eats at you? I’ll give my own as an example, and I’ll start by picking on myself just to make it fun.

    Prepping Peeve #1 – buying junk food for the prepping pantry – yup I’m guilty :blush: , for short term preps it’s a good idea to have snacks as they can help ease the tension of s tough situation; but long term preps don’t accomodate them. Besides if you prep ‘properly’ you won’t need brownie mix and cake mix as you’ll have all the ingredients elsewhere in your preps – it’s would be a redundant duplication of effort.

    my #2 is more of an envy issue – fugitive prepping – caches, wild edibles, survival in an altoids tin, lots of fire power, low on substance. I can’t do that: A: I have 4 kids; B: I think I’d rather roll over and die than have to live as a fugitive. :gunsmile:

    Anyone else wanna jump in!? Rembember it’s all in fun folks – let’s not take any of it personally :p

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