Prepping with a Grain of Salt

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    “….As soon as they were out of salt it seemed that almost everything required salt, most of all the human body. Day after day the porch thermometer stood at 95 or over and every day all of them had manual work to do, and miles to walk. They sweated rivers. They sweated their salt away, and they grew weak, and they grew ill. And all of Fort Repose grew weak and ill for there was no salt anywhere…” (From Alas Babylon, by Pat Frank).” onclick=”;return false Is a great resource for understanding the human need for salt. It was very enlightening to read that the words for war and peace originated from Arabic words meaning salt and bread.

    “..A man therefore needs about 5-10 grams of salt per day or 2-3 kg per year for mere survival. A community of 500 would need about 1 ton per year. Clearly, anyone who can control the salt supply of community has powers of life and death.”

    What is interesting to me is that, while I live near the coast and a big-ole saltwater gulf, I have no idea how to use this resource available to me. Evaporation seems the key, but until I experiment, and educate myself better, I’ll keep buying my extra salt and socking it away. Does anyone know the true shelf life of salt? I’d like to hear from others regarding salt stockpiling tips, production, practical knowledge, etc…

    It’s ironic that the over consumption of NaCI in these times has led to such a health concerns and problems. High sodium levels in franken-food have made salt a bad word . However it seems it could be an even bigger concern if salt becomes unobtainable from your local grocery store.

    Alas Babylon!!
    Thanks for reading my first post!

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