Problem with my last batch of Jerky

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    Hi Everyone, I have been making Jerky for a while now with no problems until my last batch. I cut, prepared, and dehydrated the jerky meat the exact same way I always do but this time something happened that I cant explain. I only make small batches of jerky at the time usually 2 or three London Broils at one time. When they are done I store the newly made jerky on the counter in ziplock bags because it usually does not last long around here. Well this time I made the jerky the same way, let the jerky cool, put the jerky in the zip lock bags and the next morning there was a lot of moisture inside the bags and the jerky is now actually wet. This has never happened before and I am at a loss. It smells like it is supposed to and I pulled a few pieces a part to check and make sure that it is cooked all the way through they are just really wet now. What should I do? is it safe to eat????

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