Protect Your Self by Understanding Body Language

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    As we move into the future we all know that things and people will change, most likely for the worst! Trying to give my family every advantage I can I have been studying Body Language. Did you know that the words you speak comprise only 7% of your communication? That’s right! The other 93% of your communication shows up in Body Language! What is your body saying? More importantly what is the other guys body’s saying.

    I became so fascinated with body language and its usefulness, that I am now teaching it. I would like to do a Free Body Language show for every one interested.

    You find out where you’re messing up!!!
    People make more money knowing these skills.
    Seriously, you begin to read other people’s thoughts.
    It is powerful to know what others are thinking.
    You can develop high levels of rapport.
    Learn what to watch for to protect you and your family.
    You can improve your life TODAY with it!
    Better connection…better relations…better understanding!

    I have finally found a place to do this training. It will be at the Provo city library here in Utah. The date is March 8th from 6:00-8:00 pm. Just Click on this link to register xxxxxxxxxxxxx there are only 30 seats 10 left so make sure you register fast! You are welcome to bring friends and family! I am really excited this is going to be a fun class. When you register it will give you the address and we will be in room #308

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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