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    i was wondering about a trend that i see happening more and more….a good one!

    how many people have been homesteading for over 10 years? and how many of you have been homesteading for under 10 years? and if you fit in the second group – how long have you been homesteading? and how many of you are planning to homestead in the future? and for those of you who are planning to homestead in the future – where are you in your plans? have you purchased your homestead yet? or paying down debt in order to save to make the purchase?

    i ask all of these questions as my hubby and i currently live in canada’s national capital. but it has been our goal for many years to get out of the city and buy a homestead – which we just had the good fortune of doing this past august. now our current goal is to save every nickle we can and head out there full-time in the next 1-2 years.

    i would be very interested in all of your answers.

    oh – and one last question

    how many of you watched or read Little House on the Prairie?

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