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    I have been learning alot on preparedness over the last 6 weeks. For the most part everything i have read or studied makes crystal clear sense to me. Preparing overall is just straight forward common sense. It’s the details that take time and effort.

    What I do not understand is investing and the particulars of commodities. I mean…i get it as a grid up situation. Just not the purpose after TEOTWAWKI.

    To me a thing only has value based on need then on desire. What would I ever want silver dimes for if the economy is well and truly gone for the foreseeable future? For barter? But who else would want them when they are in the same boat I am in? I have tried to sift through James Wesley Rawles information on investing plus some other sources but I am just not getting my mind around the overall concept. I understand that the copper in true copper pennies is now worth more than the coins themselves and that nickel is headed in the same direction. Again though this seems based on a continued world as we know it.

    Is collecting precious metals for the purpose of monetary wealth? (of any degree) And if so is it simply because once paper money is completely useless we assume that we will still use “money” at some point in the future? with money in this case being cold hard gold, silver, etc? That is the only conclusion I can draw on. That one day we will use precious metal coins again in loo of bartered goods and services. Correct me if I am wrong but if that is the case I suppose I could start collecting for my childrens benefit. To my way of thinking, after a complete collapse it would be a long time before a metal coin economy would balance out and be actually usable and sensible as the value of such things would be erratic.

    I see on prepper sites, stories, and even mainstream economic articles the value attributed to precious metals. Now I literally cannot go anywhere without seeing a place that want’s to buy my used or broken gold jewelry. I live in a not so large town and we now have a dedicated corner store for buying used gold and silver. To me this is yet another sign of things to come unless my ignorance is simply missing the boat of a great investing opportunity.

    Why should I collect precious metals?
    What metals in which forms should I collect?
    Won’t the government in a bad depression situation make gold and silver illegal to own anyway? (as has been done before and provided the gov. stays in place)
    Specifically what value will precious metals have in a long term collapse? how about a short term collapse?
    How important is gold and silver to your own preps?

    I look forward to learning more about this from you all.

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