Rabbit tobacco

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    I harvested one top from a rabbit tobacco plant , it is full of seeds so if anyone wants a few seeds let me know .
    The plant will grow to around 6 feet or taller it will have long fuzzy leaves 10 to 14 inches and about four inches wide . There are several types so look them up for a better idea of what the plant looks like . The seeds are real small , a pinch of seeds would be 25 to 50 seeds hard to judge the amount . It grows here and there will be several more plants ready in a little while .
    Will try and get some regular tobacco seeds also if I can find some tops too that did not get topped off the plants when the fields were topped .
    The old seeds I spoke about last year did not sprout so the two quart jars I have are not good they were around 30 years old .

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