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    T Willy

    I was discussing with my father what our family may do in the event of a total collapse of order. He made the following comment, “If there’s full anarchy, I would hope we have time to collect our weapons and supplies and head for a gathering point of like-minded individuals.”

    My question to this was: how would we know where that is? Would any such place exist?

    Let’s say it DOES happen. I have a shortwave radio, (I can only listen, not transmit, plus I have a hard time getting a clear signal on the stupid thing, so if someone might PM me please, we need to talk) but most other communication methods (internet and cable TV especially) will most likely be out.

    I would HOPE we wouldn’t have to bug out (unless its necessary), and that our neighborhoods would band together. But what if he meant like, I don’t know, TEXAS saying, “People can come here if they will work.”


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