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    okie B

    What about a 3R forum in the preparedness/sustainability area? I know that a lot of items get mentioned in posts scattered throughout the board, but how about one area where ideas could be gathered? I mean, things like in one of the gardening posts, I think it was IceFire had mentioned re-purposing old stockings to make slings for heavy produce on a vertical garden. Kymber mentioned that she used them for (I think it was) potpourri, and IceFire responded that she also uses them for predator urine to keep mice out of the attic. That’s a lot of different uses for one type of item that a lot of people just throw away, but I’m sure there are probably more ideas out there.

    There are also a lot of mentions of things like tire gardening, using plastic buckets for homemade water filtration systems, and…I’m drawing a blank. There’s just STUFF. Especially for anyone on a tight budget or wanting to multi-purpose their purchases, something like this could instigate a lot of brainstorming and exchanging of ideas besides resulting in all of us wasting less stuff.

    Just an idea.

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