Roll Call – What have you been doing to prepare?


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    Hey everyone,

    Let’s do a Roll Call. Let us know you are alive and what you are doing to prepare


    I’m here. I’ve been weeding through my food preps.

    I started serious food storage back in 2006. So, I have some VERY old food preps in my storage that we did NOT go through. I know … ‘Store what you eat. Eat what you store.’ BUT … back then there was SERIOUS concerns for an H5N1 Flu pandemic and I wanted to beef up my food storage as much as I could. Which meant storing WAY MORE than we would ‘normally’ go through. Pandemic never came and food storage was beyond our family consumption, as kids went away to college. So know I’m in the midst of the the Great Purge 🙁 . I’m also 12 years older, which puts me in the ‘Senior’ age group. So, I’m going to replace some of the things with #10 freeze dried products. Since they have a 20-25 yr shelf life, those items will get passed on to our kids! -k


    I’m here too, the far northwestern part of Cambria County (PA). Normal daily stuff, feed the live stock, cut grass, cut/haul firewood, built a paralle kit for two of my small generators, etc..

    Setting up a party for this Saturday for our anniversy, been married 45 years on the 4th, lucky woman.


    Still Rockin in CO! Dont run the Self Reliance Expo anymore but still prepping.


    I’m still here…alive and kickin’!!! Been adding to preps when possible and always working on learning new skills and maintaining the old…


    Went through my go bag this week as it’s been a very long time. We own and I have been blogging for over a year on preparedness. In my go-bag I added our EDC, PDK and Blister Kit.

    We moved into a new home and felt very un-prepared for what might come our way since the move. Add water this past week and now have more Daily Bread Food Storage as well.

    If you do a little every month, its much easier to get prepared.


    Still here YAY~ Just been going thru my medical supplies and reorganizing/updating that. And food, as always 🙂


    Doing fine in southeast Texas. We’ve had a couple new foster kids placed with us and learning to work around babies is a challenge. Also found out recently that I am expecting, so another new baby appears to be a part of the future. I hope this pregnancy goes better than my last. I will have a houseful, from newborn to a senior in HS. Craziness.

    I’ve been working on skills with my bow as of late, and trying to organize and rotate out expired items, from the big garage storage area. I strongly want to sit down and start documenting all the stuff I have for ease of rotation in the future, but it seems such a daunting task.

    I did a good bit of dehydrating a few months back and stored it all in mylar bags with O2 absorbers, then sealed all the smaller bags up into 5 gallon buckets with sealed lids.

    We went through Hurricane Harvey about a year ago and over the past several months, people are finding that the boxes of MREs they all bought or were given were unused and simply “taking up too much room”, so I snatched them up every chance I could. Scouring FaceBook and Craig’s List in my area, Buying them cheap off people, or in some cases, getting them free simply for getting them out of their way. Currently, the entire space below my guest room queen sized bed is lined with boxes of MREs. I have at least 40 boxes (with 12 meals per box) in there.

    While I feel bad for people who lack foresight, I am glad to profit from it too!

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    Having moved from the Southwest to the far Northeast, I have had learn how to garden all over again.
    Still learning new things, still becoming self-reliant and still prepping ;-}

    Darrell g

    Hello all, I am constantly updating my go bags making improvemts. I have 2 children so in addition to my bag I have 2 for them as well. That makes 3 inventories I need to keep up on. I enjoy prepping as it is very important to be prepared and it keep a me occupied.
    Additionally, I have been seeking out some bug out real estate. When I find the right location I will look to build up the property as my go to location in a SHTF event.
    Prepping is a 24/7 state of mind. I’m always looking to improve my bug out capabilities.


    Keebler here in richmond,Va area ,im still have my bug out place near lynchburg,va. still prepping, still alive.
    glad your back on line.


    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have something amazing planned. Putting up with anyone for 45 years is an amazing accomplishment! 😀

    Night Walker

    Glad to see the Forum back up!

    – Still prepping family of three, with a branching-out to helping neighbors and residents build more “resilient community”. Most of those who respond do so out of purely-selfish reasons (at least initially), but better-prepped is better-prepped.
    – Wife and son both “Gluten-free” due to different medical issues, so got to learn (and practice) some more storage and food-prep considerations.
    – Rapidly went through what we thought was a very “deep” store of bandages and wraps in our medical supplies. Wife had surgery which required dressings changed often and regularly. WOW, that was eye-opening. Now doubled the qty stored; don’t have an issue with the amount, but it does take up space.
    – Got together with food-growers in my community (suburban sprawl) to start a Garden Club. In addition to building a network of practitioners, we’re spreading the word about “edible landscaping”, easy-to-care-for perennial veggies, garden/lot sharing, etc. Started growing micro-greens as well.

    Always learning and ready to try new stuff!


    I’m still here and doing some prepping. In the past year or so, bought a new rifle, ugly black thing, and some ammo. Plan to keep buying ammo. I think I have enough guns to make crooks reconsider. 😉

    Still need more room and a better place to store things. I need to get off the freezer stuff too. Requires power.


    In the last few years I’ve retired, became a widow and although I continue to prep its a very different scenario than previously. I’m eliminating seriously old canned goods and replacing with smaller sized cans. I still garden and can/freeze/dehydrate/store the harvest. This year’s garden is pretty much a total loss so will be using the extra canned in previous years or buying from the store. Scary to think about a garden failure in a SHTF situation and nothing in the stores to buy!

    Education continues to be an important prep. I’m in the process of re-learning clothing sewing and learning quilting. I’ve kept my mending skills up-to-date through the years and continue to do so. I’m constantly reading, watching U-Tube videos on gardening, sewing, cooking, canning, food storage etc.

    Prepping to maintaining maximum health is also something I continue to work at although I have to say as I get older its more patch, patch, patch rather than building a stronger body!!

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