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    Running the tar outta my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer!

    Today, We are Freeze Drying all the components needed for Turkey Dinner: Nice Breast “cutlets”, Cranberry Sauce Slices, Green Beans (with BACON!) and Butter!Twelve Servings of each.

    Also, today, we are harvesting the Himalayan Blackberries (invasive species, but soon Yummy!) Deseeding, and cooking/Canning Gallons of the stuff, in One Pint Jars.


    I updated my profile. If one goes to my profile, my cover photo is the ugly black gun. In case it is hard to see, a true Armalite M10 in 5.56mm. Since that pic was taken, I’ve added iron sites. I had a red dot but those requires batteries plus my old eyes can’t see that good.

    Profile pic, which should be seen here, is a pair of 45ACP rounds. Those are some of my actual bullets not taken from some website somewhere.


    Glad to see forum is back up, today’s project is going through medical supplies and re-organizing the various level kits we maintain.


    DeepSea1985, that is something I need to work on. I have managed to store up a little of my prescription meds and could handle some minor cuts and scrapes but serious injuries would be a problem. I’m wanting to start a herb garden that would sustain itself but having issues getting it started.


    I’ve been intermittently posting, so I’m still alive. 🙂

    Much of my physical emergency preps are in maintenance or tweaking mode. A few higher priced options have to wait. Been keeping up with garden skills, and continued education on many other topics, mostly medical and communications. Looking forward to the Mother Earth News Fair in September. With a big life change (divorce), had to temporarily adjust to rental living again in the short term, so there’s much more to do on establishing a better location with good sustainable resources. In terms of personal health, finally have vision corrected via Lasik, and working on overall health now (reduce BMI and BP). Networking with local preppers has been spotty. The larger local group I used to assist with went dormant, and several others nearby too.


    I’m here. Husband and I are prepping on a regular basis.

    Like ReadyMom, we stocked up on canned goods back in 2009 or so in case family needed to have a place when there were several job losses and life changes. Thankfully, the situations resolved, but we had more food than we could rotate. We gave some to prepper members of the family, but we still had to purge some of it, not because anything was wrong with it, just that we changed our tactics as we got better at what we ourselves eat and need.

    We started a systematic stock up on freeze-dried foods that is on-going.

    Currently, Husband is working on a passive water system for the garden. We have an electric well and generator, but we want a backup to the backup.

    We built a carport, and a wood rack under it, filled it with wood for the wood stove. Some of the wood came from trees we cut down, some from neighbors’ trees. We’re set for winter heat.

    We’ve also worked on EDCs and GHBs. We now have a small pack that goes with us in the car every time we leave the property.

    I am rotating medical/herbal stuff – got rid of a lot of old meds (mostly liquid) and am currently restocking. Replenishing some of the regular OTC stuff, too.

    Husband and I are still walking 2 miles almost every day for health.


    Still here, as always. Been working on “construction” projects…built a cow/goat shed; bought a cow; built 2 side-by-side walk-in chicken coops and built additional runs (gives me 3 coops with attached 10×20 runs, plus the small setups to use as grow-out, quarantine, or “hospital” coops); enlarged the garden and added blueberries, gooseberries, and hops; put up a greenhouse; planted a fruit/nut orchard; built a second goat pen to move the males to (well downwind of the doe and cow); added ducks and turkeys; got a cast iron/enamelware wood-fired cookstove and had the oven portion rebuilt; been harvesting, canning, freezing, and dehydrating fruits and veggies.

    Have plans to get the well on solar/wind power (will need to build a new well house with reinforced concrete pad to hold a large water tank, and eventually put the entire property on solar/wind power; build a smokehouse and processing shed; build additional livestock pens/housing; get additional livestock (pigs, sheep, etc.); clear additional land for grain and hay fields, etc.


    Just been tending to my cows and putting garden produce in the freezers. Getting ready to start bushhogging the pastures. That will keep me busy until this fall when it will be time to start cutting wood for the furnace. Of course, the boy and I will take time out to deer hunt on the place when he comes in from the army for a while. Sure do miss him. I have 10 ponds on the place and haven’t had time to fish this summer to put some in the freezers. The boy caught a 7 lb catfish when he was here last time, but I need to get some more cat and some bass put up, and some venison. I’ve saved a 1000 lb steer standing by for the freezers when the weather cools off. I need to get some more hay put up, but it’s been hard to come by because it has been so dry. So, as far as prepping, I’ll just keep on keeping on!


    I am in my 8th year here in North Idaho teaching Survival and Emergency Preparedness class in the ReDoubt area. I continue to teach the OATH KEEPER’s Preparedness program in the area as well. I am in my 54th year Volunteering with Red Cross, Fire/ EMS, LEO, CERT, Water / Ice Rescue and Off-Road Rescue. We have a good group here in the Bonner County area. I teach the 2nd Friday of the month at Priest River Community Church and also work EXPO’s around the INW /PNW.
    Best Regards to all,
    Ranger Rick


    Yep! Shekinah present and accounted for. Been keeping a low profile not wanting non-preppers to target me should the SHTF. Have my rain water cistern up and running, trying to keep my medical supplies up to date and food storage rotation current. Trying to always remember to charge the battery in my underground shelter. Need to get out and target practice more but urban sprawl has over run the wild places. Essentially due to age creeping up on me I now plan to hunker in place and defend the fort. Society is getting in your face ugly, evil, wicked and nasty and hard to trust anyone these days. I be a solitary conservative prepper trusting only in a couple of family members.

    rice paddy daddy

    Still here, wife and I still on our little homestead with our chickens, dogs, and only one horse now, not three as before.


    Still with you guys. My wife and I are still working on our house and canning /dehydrating everything we get our hands on.. We keep telling ourselves its a process and we will one day get everything done all though age might have slowed things down a little bit


    Haven’t been doing a lot of prepping, except reading/research and buying some 30-yr. shelf-life Augason Farms coffee. Saw an ad for it and it’s only for sale thru Jim Bakker’s website. Have to have my coffee. Little by little we’ve been forced to replace everything in/on our 24 yr. old house. It has turned into the money pit. As soon as we spent $2900 to remove a 50′ Oak (it was uprooting), the garage door remote control system broke. Parts are no longer available so a whole new system will be installed tomorrow. Next up is all new flooring, a new microwave and dishwasher. Got to get rid of this place so we can move to N. GA or TN. Boy is it going to be fun moving all those buckets and cases of #10 cans. Happy prepping everyone.


    Lisa here, I have currently purchased a few pieces of Bug out properties in the middle of nowhere I might purchase one more in a different location than it is now..also, I am currently still learning varying methods of homesteading. Chicken keeping is next on my list, I have not really looked into it.. but there is so much information out there, I hope I can get through it before things go awry.. starting with the weather.. we have been having crazy weather up here in the NE. one day its hot, next day is freezing and cool. this just might have something to with our current grand solar minimum we are going through, so not only do i have to tend with learning about chickens and farm animals, but also better insulation both house and outerwear.


    auguson farms has many places you can find their food stuffs, , was one and even walmart’s ecommerce has it. even direct mailing, some of the already prepped food is a bit on the pricey side, I would look into learning to do it yourself, because you never know.. one day you just might have to. as for coffee, the best to get would be the bricks for long term storage. They are vacuumed sealed which is the best to get IMO.

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