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    Alaska Rose

    Blondprincess, I hope you find some like minded folks to have as friends in your area. I think probably only my family could be considered as like minded, in this area. So 4 of us but that is better than none. Best of luck to you.


    What a wonderful and interesting topic this is. I don’t know any one over here who is prepping. I did talk to someone recently who has food storage, but never uses it.
    So I don’t talk about what I do, don’t feel the need to. What I did do was organizing food coops. That can be a very good way to get to know ppl at least who are interested in bulk buying.


    peekachoo, my prayers are with you, keep trying to get your neighbors interested in preparing for an emergency. with all of the disasters on the news you’d think more people would want to prepare… but I know how it is. I work in a home daycare with my in-laws, My inlaws are preppers but NONE of the parents of these kids is interested. Actually, there IS one family out of 10, they hunt and could probably take care of themselves. If TSHTF during the week I don’t know what we’d do with these kids. I’ve got three kids of my own and 2 dogs to provide for. I can’t take in 6 to 13 extra. But could I send them home to starve? I hope society crumbles on the weekend! lol


    Sounds like you’re ALREADY raising them! Good job getting the neighbor kids involved, as well as your own. Who knows…maybe the kids will end up teaching thier parents!

    mr bill

    SEE THE THREAD ”surviving the gangs after teotwawki’ SIMLAR CONCERNS AND IDEAS/SOLUTIONS.

    Alaska Rose

    Teaching the kids is probably the only way to get help down the road on prepping. It is pretty much that way here, except my family living on this property. The neighbor kids see how we do and want to learn, so we teach them and they come to us when they are in need, too. We are lucky there aren’t a lot of neighbors, the closest is about 2 miles away.


    I have some of the same problems. I know a lot of people that do not do anything, just run their mouth.
    My truck is always equipped with the essentials, my RV is loaded, and I have stuff scattered in Arizona, Texas, and I am hiding stuff in Oregon as we speak.

    It is important to stash stuff where ever you go, JIC. I can tell you something, when SHTF, these people better not show up empty handed, if they can find me.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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