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    I am looking for an example of a communication manual /guide. This would be used to coordinate communicating with a group of people in the field and provide some process/procedure to folks sitting in the ‘chair’…manning the base station. Looking for :
    Concepts of call signs and hierarchy,
    examples/approaches of frequency transitions when needed due to unknown traffic/interference or for opsec reasons
    general ideas for communicating with a group

    Simplex is the primary use but we will have folks out of range relying on local repeaters. I cannot speak to any existing equipment except to say everyone has an HT and some have mobile radios. Standard HAM bands: 2m/70cm. I’m assuming we will have a means to scan frequencies. Not sure where FRS/GMRS fit in….we have those frequencies programmed in our HTs….but of course we would never use our HTs to talk on those frequencies.

    I’ve seen one online but was not versed enough to bookmark or print it off….it was probably an old military one. RIght now we all have HAM radios and FRS/GMRS. There may be a CD in the bunch we have not standardized on it yet….although CBs will be included. We have standardized our frequencies already so CH 72 is the same for everybody and so forth

    Basically, stupid on Zello. I have it but I don’t think anybody else does.

    I’m doing the research and developing the initial document so I know it will get customized/individualized in subsequent drafts.


    Will be better to come up with your own plan as you know the ability of the other members of your group. I have taught several communications classes for preppers and most are novices when it comes to communications so in my experience you have to know your group and what they are capable of. Of course make your plans as simple as possible. Better to have 1 sheet of paper to look at in a tense situation than a book that take a long time to read and is too complicated. The thing a group needs to do is train, train, train, practice, practice, practice.
    Your plan should include main operating frequency and mode, what triggers to get your group on radio, additional other frequencies and when to use them, any other group specific info. etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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