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    Just something to think about if or when SHTF or it’s TEOTWAWKI. Putting all preparedness and stocking up aside, the number one risk that one would have to face in a survival/collapse type of situation is dealing with people; i.e. defending your home/refugee and your supplies! That being said, how much thought have you put into the fact that you may have to kill a person/people? It’s easy to shoot your mouth off and say you could do it without hesitation if they were threatening you and your families survival. I think a huge problem will persist in a situation like this where people have a hard time letting go of how life used to be and not grasping the fact that that the rules of the game have changed and so has life as we know it. Keep in mind this is only my opinion, but i feel that somehow you must find a balance between being able to put emotions and feelings aside while rationalizing everything…in essence becoming cold and calculated…while at the same time not losing our humanity in the process. Refusing hungry people at your gates with children, not taking on the burden of elderly out of compassion (discluding family of course), and mercilessly defending your supplies and survival group. I’ve had years to think about it while pursuing my BA degree in Criminal Justice and going into a law enforcement career, and i can say with utmost certainty that i could pull the trigger without thinking about it. But could you? And how would you feel or deal with it afterwards? Just something to think about and to do some self-analysis on…mentally preparing yourself for this possible eventuality could save your life down the road.

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