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    Shelter B – I My Ability to make a warm dry shelter anywhere I go , warm does not always mean large although.
    Food B -I am fully capable of finding NUTRITIOUS food in any environment that has plants. My current stores could keep my family for at least 3 months if not longer , and stil be calorie efficient.
    Water A – have full access to 2 wells and the equipment to go back to hand pump if necessary
    Communication F – No gear , only 1 Radio
    Transportation D – One Gas vehicle , Have thought about horse
    Security A – Arms
    Power F – Dont have a Ginny , but fully capable of functioning normally without one.

    I think because I lived of grid for years I am more capable of living with out electricity.
    More in question would be how a lady with children would adapt without nappies.
    How many dont even know what a Nappie is or how to make them ?
    Also have you thought about sanitation ? Most people have no idea how to keep their habitat sanitary with ease.
    What about female companions and their feminine issues ?

    (just my thoughts)

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