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    Chuck Smith here with an opinion and invtation for the DFW Area
    I have been prepping for a while and have a Group started of serious Preppers. I have had to thin the ranks of ‘Members’ who seem to think that this is some kind of arm chair activity or good conversation with an edge.
    No man is an island. Regardless of how many rounds of silver or jacketed lead you have. No matter how much food you have packed away. No matter if you have a few acres to plant and raise animals. You are a victim waiting to happen if you are alone, or nearly so.
    There are folks who find themselves in unsustainable positions by living in the city or burbs with no yard and weak or opertunistic neighbors (actually the two are synonymous) and will have to bug out.
    There are folks who have enough dirt under their control but can’t work it alone nor guard it 24/7 if nessessary.
    These two problems have a simple solution if both are Prepped up, are honorable and have personalities that do not clash.
    This is why I formed a Meetup. We call ourselves ‘Ark Builders’. We are family oriented and serious about what needs to be done and are doing it. If you are interested see the link below.
    One point I would like to make. There are guys forming up with the intent of being heavily armed but are not ‘wasteing’ their time with food or silver. They have the nerve to call themselves ‘Preppers’. They are not. They are Predators and the worst sort to invite into your trust. No Prepper is an easy victim but the real Resistance is with a hoe not a firearm.
    Strength and Honor, Chuck Smith Organizer:

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