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    Greetings, new user here. 45 year old white male who happens to be deaf. But it didn’t happen until later in life so I know how to speak clearly and all.

    So I was wondering. With the current events and everything. Because I have no way to “bug out”

    Would someone in gods country be willing to team up in a survival situation? For example if we agreed to team up in the event of a bug out, what could I offer you?

    I’m in excellent physical condition for 45, non smoker and rarely drink. I can share my long guns and short guns and ammo stockpile with you. I can provide physical labor. I can help out with security. I’m sure you’ll agree a man who likes to work hard and can work hard is a valuable man. Plus I can bring my own bible if you have bible studies.

    So that’s my idea. What does anyone else think?

    The reason I ask is I live on Fairfax county VA and even though this is a big military area there’s not much you can do for yourself once the water and power gets cut. A smart man would have a back up plan to bug out in a SHTF scenario.

    I got chased off for the same message I am posting above, so here’s hoping you all are a lot nicer.


    welcome Fred;
    keebler from Richmond,va. area. i know the feeling when you think you have little to offer. being alive but with Handicapps is what a lot have, doesn’t slow me down much.just limits me. not all have a true Back up plan. 1. take inventory of what you have,for your eyes only & private.& peace of mind. 2.a list of what you would need if you had to Bug out clothes,food,Meds?,safety items.your strong Knowledges, IE; wood worker, plumber,electrician, cook.
    you have more to offer than you think.
    have a great Day stay safe,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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