Six year-old powdered milk!

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    Just wanted to share for all: I put up powdered milk in quart-size Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers in May 2011, eight quart bags to a home depot bucket… its been nagging at me for a few years now, since I read that dry milk would only keep 2 years or so in that fashion. I finally took the plunge this week when we ran out of milk and I cracked the seal. We’ve been drinking it all week and its fantastic… in fact the kids (5 and 8 year old girls) think its great fun that we are drinking “end of the world milk” as my wife calls it. Just goes to show that high-quality food will keep for very long periods of time when carefully preserved. The dry milk we put up is the Sanalac brand, which tastes WAAAY better than your average wal-mart junk. I am retired military, so we bought it at the Commissary on Fort Drum. I am going online to buy several more cases to store. I highly recommend it. Just FYI for any who are interested.


    Thank you.

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