Skill Builder: Ham (Amateur) Radio- Wireless Communications

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    If you go to use your cell phone and there is no signal, what is your default option for wireless communications?

    Answer: Amateur (Ham) Radio

    Hands down, Amateur radio is the best off grid, emergency communications method of communicating not only locally, but worldwide. Send messages via morse code, voice, or digital data using antennas you have built and tuned. Bounce messages off satellites, weather balloons, and even the moon!

    Amateur radio requires a license by the FCC to operate.

    Tim Watson (Call sign:KB1HNZ) from the Wireless Society of Souther Maine Radio Club will do a presentation for us on Amateur Radio and it’s benefits for Preppers, including how to obtain your license.

    We will have radios on site with live demos.

    If you are looking to answer the most asked question on the prepare forums about communications….”What two-way radio system should I use in an emergency?”, then this skill builder is for you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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