Slippery Sights: Ruger LC9

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    PA Jes

    Hi everyone. I’ve been on this forum for a few weeks now. I conceal carry and educate myself with tactical courses etc, but my knowledge of fixing, adjusting, building weapons is grossly subpar. My CWC handguns have historically been the Ruger LCP and or Ruger LC9, based on clothing etc (I’m a chick…gotta look good too, right?). During a tactical CWC course recently, the sight on the LC9 actually slid OFF. The little bolt that holds it on came loose and it slid to the side of the weapon and I had to tuck it back in place… felt like I was playing with my son’s legos. It will not remain in place. I got advice to get lock-tite and an appropriately sized allen’s wrench to just tighten this thing down. I am concerned that I may be off a bit and then won’t be able to sight it in appropriately after I do that.

    Has anyone had this happen? Is the advice I got OK, or should I take it to a professional? Is this a common problem with this particular handgun…or is it common with other guns as well?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!
    From the single mom with a Sight for Sore Eyes… 😉

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