Solar Eclipse in TN

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    Photon Guy

    The path of totality for the solar eclipse went through part of Tennessee so certain places in Tennessee were some of the best places to be for the eclipse. I went to Gallatin which is about 45 minutes from Nashville and was one of the best places to be. I saw the eclipse in its totality for over 2 minutes and driving in wasn’t that bad. Traffic wasn’t so bad driving down although it was hard to get a hotel room but I was able to get one in Virginia and one in Nashville. I brought my BOB and 2 guns and some ammo as I wanted to be prepared for the possibility of a crisis as there were going to be lots of zombies going to see the eclipse, I was one of them. I was thinking that with all these people traveling to these eclipse locations that it would present an opportunity for terrorists to strike and be able to take out lots of people en route or at the locations. Fortunately that didn’t happen. At Gallatin on the day of the eclipse I went to a park where they were doing all these activities and where they had live music. There was a big crowd there although I was expecting an even bigger crowd. Getting a parking spot wasn’t so hard as I got there at about quarter to five in the morning and things went smoothly up to and during the totality phase where the moon completely covers the sun. The totality phase was awesome. It was after the totality phase when SHTF. Although activities were going on until 3 most of the people, including myself, were leaving after the totality phase as we had seen it and now the moon was starting to move past the sun. Getting out was all hell. Cars were piled up on the way out and after that the traffic was horrendous not only in Gallatin but through most of Tennessee from people driving back from the eclipse from all different locations. Getting a hotel room was impossible as all the rooms were sold out so I figured I would park at a rest stop for the night and sleep in my car as I have done many times before. However, even the rest stop was filled. All the parking spots were taken but I was able to park by the curb after finding a spot as even much of the curb spots were taken. So I slept in my car as many other people were doing at the rest stop not all that far from Virginia. I got up at about 7 in the morning and the drive back from then wasn’t so bad. I would still say it was worth it, going to TN to see the eclipse.

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