Some new freeze dried that I tried last night

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    About 2 weeks ago I met some people at a gun show in Vegas, they were selling freeze dried storage foods in what looked like cube shaped 5 gallon buckets. I talked to them a while, told them that I was interested in their product, and exchanged business cards. A week later one of the gentelmen calls me and asks if I wanted to try a sample. I was ok with it, I mean how much different can freeze dried taste? He sent it out and I got it a week later.

    Wife and I tried it last night, it was Beef Stroganof, and we were really shocked.. it was GOOD stuff. Didnt have that “freeze dried taste” to it.. tasted like the real thing. Was simple enough to prepare just put in a few cups of boiling water into the metallic bag and let it sit.

    I have lots of both freeze dried and normal canned goods, but I might be adding some of this stuff to the storage.. we were really suprised at just how good this stuff was. Its a bit on the expensive side, but a great addition to the bug out gear.. simple fast meals you can toss in the car quickly (as long as you have the water for them)

    Not affiliated with the company in any way.. but you guys might want to check them out. I plan on picking up some stuff from them.” onclick=”;return false

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