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    So you’ve always wanted to have a shelf full of survival and preparedness books but maybe you don’t have the hundreds or even thousands of dollars it would take to buy all the books that you want in order to fill it with all that valuable survival information. In this article you will learn that YES you can have your own survival library for pennies on the dollar and I am about to show you how.

    Step one

    Find a good source for free survival and preparedness information online.

    Here are some examples:

    * Blogs
    * Forums
    * (over 4000 titles totaling over 13 gigabytes)
    * (We will ship you over 200 ebooks, manuals, and pdf’s on a single CD for a suggested donation of $2.97 to cover shipping and handling costs. Or download files directly from the site for free)

    Step two

    Purchase several 3 ring binders to hold your printed information. You can order these online, however with the cost of shipping this may not be the best method unless you can get wholesale rates and order several dozen binders or more at once. Try your local merchants, office supply stores and even second hand stores. Sometimes you can get these dirt cheap at yard sales, flee markets, and “going out of business” sales.

    Step three

    Begin printing your ebooks. *Note. With the cost of many of the ink cartridges on the market this can get expensive and defeat the purpose of printing your own books unless you have a high volume printer or laser printer capable of printing your pages at a cost of $0.02 per sheet or less. Another method is to refill your own ink. I won’t advise you on the best way to do this because if you are not doing it right you can mess up your printer. So beware, research your printer thoroughly (or buy a cheap printer just in case you mess up) and study up on how to properly refill your own ink. You accept full responsibility should you damage your printer. However, if done right, the savings can be very rewarding. My ink costs are less than $2 per ink cartridge which is about a 95% savings over the store bought name brand cartridges. I refill all my ink…(I will note that I went through 2 printers before I finally got it down right.)

    If you want to purchase and refill your own ink there are several companies you can find online. I order mine through They offer a good step by step process for choosing the right refill kits for your specific printer.

    Step four

    Add Your Pages.

    Start punching your holes and adding your pages to your binder.

    I like to include a Contents Page and tabs to divide the ebooks. If you use large binders you can often add several books to one binder.

    I number the contents page 1…2…3… and so on for each title. I do this for each title or ebook in the binder. For the tabs, rather than naming them, I number them relative to my contents page numbers in case if later I want to change the contents page, add more ebooks, or remove some books. It’s a lot less work than redoing your tabs when you want to make changes.

    Step five

    Now add your cover and spine label. If it’s just one book that you’ve printed, you can name and label your binder after the book, or If it’s a compilation of books you can name it whatever you want. For Example: “My Survival Compilation Volume one”…Or “My gardening book Volume 2″etc…

    Now you can turn this……

    Into this….

    For just pennies on the dollar!

    *Note. Please be respectful of copyrights and only copy and print ebooks that are free for copy or in the public domain.

    Feel free to copy this article to share with others. Just reference the American Preppers Network!

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