Storing Pancake Mix Long Term?

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    I would like to what’s the best way to store pancake mix long term? I was thinking of keeping the mix in it’s original packaging and then putting it in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber. Would this work and how long should it store for?


    Pancake/baking mix doesn’t store well for very long, especially if it has baking powder in the ingredients. You are MUCH better off to store the ingredients, and mix it up as you need it. That way, it’s always fresh.


    Icefire, you are so right. Fresh is best. That said, a couple of years ago I vacuum sealed some Aunt Jemima’s mix (must add egg, oil and milk or water). I opened it up and made pancakes with it and they came out okay, but not nearly as good as when you make your own mix.

    Question: How long do things like Baking Soda and Baking Powder stay good if vacuum sealed? I know even all purpose flour lasts a very long time if properly vacuum sealed with O2 absorbers.


    The main problem with flour (even Vacuum-sealed) is that once ground, it starts losing nutrients. Instead of storing a lot of flour, I store the whole wheat berries, (which DO last a very long time) or other grains.

    Baking SODA lasts for quite a long time, especially if vacuum sealed, but baking POWDER has a fairly short shelf life. You can make your own baking powder however, so it is always fresh. Here is the recipe:

    1 teaspoon baking soda. 2 teaspoons cream of tartar. 1 teaspoon ‚Äč cornstarch (optional – use if storing the baking powder).

    Illini Warrior

    even if you don’t store whole wheat or any of the other grains – having a grinder setup is still good prepping >>> when beans and other such get old and beyond using as normal repass they can be ground for flour mixing …

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