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    Friday afternoon, mid August, 2015.

    Terrance was on his way home. Took off a little after lunch. Something told him to stop by his storage between work and home and check things out. He pulled up to the gate, punched in his code and waited for the gate to open. Once in he pulled his old Toyota Pickup past his storage door and got out. He always pulled through and waited, blocking the drive, until the gate was shut. In the past he had other renters honk and get upset because he wouldn’t get out of their way. If the gate was closing he usually got out and approached with in ear shot and asked them to put in their code. If the gate started opening, meaning they were allowed in he would get back in his vehicle and move out of the way.

    One time the aggravated renter followed him to his storage, got out and was yelling and screaming about how dare he slow down his day, he was important and had things to do, etc, etc only to shut up and get back in their vehicle once Terrance got out and uncovered his EDC pistol on his waist. His reserve deputy badge clipped to his belt just in front of the pistol usually shut mouthy folks up.

    The last guy had apologized and was back in his car backing away when Terrance walked up to his vehicle. He motioned for the guy to stop and roll down his window. The gentleman complied. Terrance informed him that it was in the contract you signed when you rented from the owner that if you were party to letting someone unauthorized into the barbed wire topped high fence that you forfeit your deposit and get issued a 30 day vacate letter. He explained that he didn’t really feel like moving his stuff. And thus by the letter of the agreement wouldn’t let him in until he entered his code and proved he was indeed allowed access to the area. He then in a rhetorical way asked the now semi frightened gentleman that he was sure he understood. The gentleman apologized profusely and acknowledged his point. Terrance could tell this guy was someone who never read the fine print but would complain about everything that didn’t go his way. We all know the type. Terrance had dealt with many over the years.

    Terrance watched the guy back up, rolling his window up and pull away down another lane in the 400 unit storage facility. He then walked over to his unit, unlocked the original round tumbler lock and then removed his round padlock. Out of habit he closed the door behind him so no one could see what he was doing. Having draped old army blankets inside the door opening he was now standing in the dark. Having the blankets always provided a sense of privacy but still he pulled the roll up door down all the way out of habit making sure the door goes past the rain lip.

    It was hot in the storage, being that it was a 85 degree day Terrance expected it to be a little warm but having just ridden in the comfort of air conditioning the 25 minute drive from work he immediately began to sweat.

    Terrance reached down to his left pocket and pulled out a small LED flashlight, the one he always carried. Once the light was on and his eyes adjusted he went looking for the switch to the lights that he had rigged up in the space. His unit was like all others at this complex, without climate control or electricity, which made it much more affordable.

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