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    Greetings! To make things clear, I am a complete “newb” when it comes to guns. Aside from handling a .22 rifle at Boy Scout camp (I was a lousy shot) I’ve never even touched a gun. (If you’re nice I’ll tell you how a BB gun almost killed one of my dad’s patients.) My dad was a doctor in a small rural area and saw WAY too many gun accidents (“Didn’t know it was loaded; had to shoot him 5 or 6 times before I figured that out.”) for him to even consider letting any of us get a gun. In addition, I have ADD. ADD and guns don’t mix — imagine the Tasmanian Devil when he’s armed. So, it’s safe to say that my chances of survival and the survival of those around me, in surrounding apartments, in buildings across the street, etc. will be higher if I don’t get a gun.

    Having said that, I have absolutely no problem with buying ammo to use as an instrument of barter. This leads to the following questions:

    In order to maximize my investment, what sizes should I buy? Just from my basic reading, I’m assuming I can’t go wrong buying 9mil ammo. But should I buy another size, such as .22 or .38?

    Are there any particular ammo manufacturers that I should avoid? (I hasten to add that I would only be buying from American/Canadian companies, and never buying any cheap ammo from eastern Europe, for example.)

    I know about rotating your food out on a regular basis; does the same apply to ammo? And if so, about how long will the ammo keep before it gets “moldy”?

    Looking for any advice you can offer. Thanks!

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