Survival is in Your Head

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    This article Article Reposted from the APN blog

    By Survival Expert Brian Brawdy

    Survival is in Your Head.

    Of all the questions I’m asked about Survival and Emergency Preparedness, about the gear and gadgets one needs to prepare for whatever fate throws at us, there is one concern that never comes up in conversation. And though there are some necessary tools and a few toys that are helpful in a survival situation, it’s not about your technology, it’s about your temperament. Preparedness isn’t about the mechanical, it’s about your mindset.

    Think about it. For as long as life has thrived on our planet, our ancestors survived with little apparatus and a ton of attitude; what they possessed was a drive to survive. Additionally, their Survivor’s Eye, a way of surveying their situation and cunningly, shrewdly crafting a plan, replaced the need for numerous gadgets. They knew that how they looked at a situation very well determined if they lived.

    Preparedness has always been about perspective first, appliances later.

    When it comes to survival and emergency preparedness skills, you and I possess mountains of ability already. It is inherent, endowed if you will from the moment we were born. That said, many of us have never tapped into our “inner survivor” because of our current lives of certainty and comfort. Though your drive to survive may be dormant, it has not deserted you. It’s in there; you know it is.

    It is my pleasure to be teaming with my friend Tom from APN to author a weekly blog about the mental perspective of preparedness, the psychology of survival. Additionally, I am looking forward to discussing the articles in the APN “Drive to Survive” forum. Please feel free to join me there.

    Until then…Knowledge first, nomenclature second. Confidence first, contraptions second.” onclick=”;return false;

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