Surviving Gangs After Teotwawki

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    Hi All,

    This is very fatalistic thinking so read on at your own risk.

    As I drive through neighborhoods and country roads with the events of Patriots and One Second After in the back of my mind, I do not see how any home is defensible against a well armed, motivated and well organized gang. Sometimes I pretend I am the scout for the gang analyzing how to attack and, with the firepower at their disposal, I do not find any defensible homes. The gangs will be the top of the food chain. They will be ruthless. The will loot, rape and pillage every home in their range until they, like locusts, have stripped everything and then die themselves because the produce nothing, only steal from others. Regardless of how well I and my family have prepared, at some point they will kill me, rape my children and take everything I have stored. How can even several families banded together defend against these guys? A 308 slug, if it didn’t hit a stud, would pass through the entire house like Swiss cheese. Frame built homes are defenseless. Only in the movies can a cowboy get protection from a 1″ thick board.

    If there is an escape route from our house and we can get to our reserve cache of food and supplies we will then be refugees who will eventually run out of food or have it stolen and die. We could try to live in the woods but so would others and there would be no game and again, it would be survival of the fittest. There will be no new food arriving and no army to maintain order; there may be help from other countries at the coast but, without power, how would on unload the containers and without transportation, how could it be moved inland? In such a scenario there is no hope for refugees and yet, prepping in my existing home means when the gangs come we have a choice to die then or die later. The only way to survive such a scenario, it seems to me, is to somehow outlast the gangs. After that farming by hand becomes possible if one has heirloom seeds (no livestock of any kind will survive or fuel for a tractor). How long will it take the gangs to die off or kill each other off? I don’t know but I would guess 6 months to a year.

    Further, to have to deal with starving families coming to my door would be horrific. I don’t think I could turn them down even though it might mean my own family would eventually run out of food. What father of a starving child wouldn’t just go ahead and try to take everything I had to save his own family. Even if I survived all of that how would I ever outlive the memories and the guilt. Would I want to.

    We do not have the finances to buy property and prep in Idaho (Although the Islands of the Alaskan panhandle would be my choice for low population and bountiful fish and game). The vast majority of the population cannot afford to buy and stock a retreat. Are we then doomed to be among the 90% East of the Mississippi that will die?

    The other choice I have been thinking about is having a house with a full basement that cannot be detected, even from within the house itself. We would have to use a bookshelf or something like in the Diary of Anne Frank. We could leave the windows of the house broken, doors open and cupboards bare and any looters, beggars or neighbors would leave on their own after finding nothing. Meanwhile, in the basement with a buried oil tank for heat and a buried propane tank for cooking and refrigeration and solar panels that can be set up on the back side of the shed and a long 36″ corrugated pipe for air supply and emergency exit. We could survive for a year if no one knew we were there. Then move up to the main level of the house when it was safe and install the wood stove and reserve solar panels.

    So, what do you think? Tell me where I am off base and, if possible, provide some hope in my scenario.


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