Surviving the Water Main Break

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    This week provided a new challenge to our household. On Tuesday we awoke to see water flowing from the street. After first thinking that we’ve discovered a new spring, we quickly realized that the water main had burst.

    Thankfully, the house wasn’t flooded and the only damage was to the lawn and sidewalk (destroyed by local municipal work crew trying to find and fix the leak). There were a few lessons for us:

      1. We never thought of this as a real possibility. I hurridly took a shower before the crew arrived, but my wife had to visit the local gym to clean up that morning.
      2. My wife never seriously considered the need to have water stored around the house. She just assumed that we could turn on the tap and get more.
      3. Once the water was turned back on by the city, the silt and air in the system wrecked our two toilets (I’ve since fixed one of them).

    I’m now considering buying a “water-Bob” to use to fill the tub. I’m also looking for recommendations on water storage in the 3 – 5 gallon size. Suggestions?

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