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    hey everybody, Greg here. I just wanted to run this by you guys. One thing that we always did in the infantry is drill, practice, and make dry runs of situations that we might encounter while we were in Iraq. When it really comes down to it, you can do all of the logistical planning that you want to do. But all of it is for nothing if you don’t practice your plans. What I mean is AT RANDOM we should drop what we are doing and BUG OUT. You don’t have to stay at your BOL, you just have to get there in one piece, with your companions and your gear. You should do this for time and efficiency. One saying that we used in the grunts was “SLOW IS SMOOTH, SMOOTH IS FAST!” We could set up some sort of calling tree where we could help each other drill. We could also practice to the best of our abilities to “BUG IN,” but this is just an idea please shoot me some feedback.

    riamh riamh éirí as an tobac a thabhairt suas

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