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    Tesla just announced that they will begin shipping the Powerwall in early 2016. The Powerwall is a self contained battery system designed for home use as a back-up for grid down situations or for off grid applications. It will come in a 7.5Kw and 10Kw size. It has a ten year guarantee and that can be extended. The company that installed my system is quite enthusiastic about it and we are in discussion for a spring installation. The 10Kw unit will sell for about $3500 and all you need is a charger-controller. I will use the Sunny Island as my system inverter is a Sunny Boy 5000. This may be the solution I need to get completely off the grid. My gird tie system has already cut my electric bill by as much as $300/month. Getting completely off the grid will put my savings into the thousands per year.

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