The city slicker and the Texas Trooper

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    A city slicker flies into small town Texas on his way to a business convention. He decides to upgrade his rental car to a new Corvette! He is driving down the country roads and comes up to a stop sign. He slows down, looks both ways and, deciding that he can see about 500 miles in any given direction, so he just speeds up through the intersection.
    From out of nowhere, a state trooper in a hummer pulls him over. The driver asks why he got pulled over. Trooper says- You didn’t come to a complete stop at the stop sign back there, you just slowed down and then went through it. Driver says- huh. I nearly came to a complete stop, and I could see very well that nobody was coming, so I went. Trooper says- license and registration please. Driver-I’ll tell you what. If you can prove to me the difference between coming to a complete stop, and almost coming to a complete stop, I’ll accept the ticket, but if you can’t explain it clearly to me, then you let me go.
    The Trooper asks him to step out fo the vette and put his hands on the hood. He then pulls out his baton and starts hitting the driver repeatedly, then he blurts out: “now, do you want me to just sloooow down or come to a complete stop?”
    Dano 😀 :rofl:

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