The disaster of having all of your supplies wiped out

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    How many of you prepare for disasters by storing food and supplies in your home?

    Now; how many of you prepare for the disaster of having all of those supplies wipe out?

    Most preppers do not.

    They prepare for a disaster as if it will hit close, but some where else.

    They believe mistakenly that all they will need to do is live off of their supplies until services or order is restored.

    But what if the disaster wipes out your home and supplies?

    What if it wipes out your transportation?

    In reality, this will be the real test of a prepper.

    What will you do?

    Did you have a back up plan B & C? You should have.

    Plan B should be to have some supplies stored in water proof caches or if you lucky enough, have a bug-out-location to go to.

    Plan C should be to have a network of family and friends to check on you, but they may be to far away to help or even worse, they may live to close and be suffering the same fate.

    So today I offer you plan D … A.N.T.S

    Americans Networking To Survive is simply a network of neighbors helping neighbors. Just as you would help your neighbor, we help our members in the cities, towns and states around us.

    We are made up of preppers called (ants) who work together to provide other ants basic supplies when needed. This is done by relaying supply pods, which are just five gallon buckets filled with supplies, to any member that needs them.

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