The Economy is not as Good as they would have us believe

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    Ran across an article on Zero Hedge that shed a poor light on the state of the economy. The article goes over several reasons why the economy is not doing as well as we are being told. A couple of them that were of interest to me are:

    1: Public debt rose to 105% of GDP compared to just 62% in 3rd quarter 2007. Thanks Obama.
    2: Commercial and Industrial loans are down 82% year over year. That is horrible. I can tell you that number is pretty damn accurate. The company I work for plays in those two industries very heavily and numbers are down considerably over the past 18 months with no end in sight. It is a huge company that does business all over the world, so this is very concerning to me. They are scrambling to find ways to keep their stock price up. They have bought back stock and cut expenses to where there is nothing left to cut short of laying off people. I am one of the few employees left that is allowed to travel for their job. All of the outside sales force has been told to do their job by phone instead of meeting with the customer face to face. VERY CONCERNING.
    3: The Velocity of Money is at it’s lowest point since 1949. If the Velocity of Money is low that means money is not changing hands, which has a direct impact on GDP. So how can GDP be at or above 3% if the Velocity of Money is at it’s lowest point. Does not make since. Can it be that they are lying to us?? Surely they would not do that.

    Here is the link to the article if ya’ll would like to read it.

    Also, a very good friend of mine is a produce broker. I spoke to him a couple of days ago and he says the cost of trucking has gone up between 50-75% since the 1st of the year. Said to expect the prices of food to start going up soon. Another sign that things are not as good as we are being told.



    I made statements around the economy being worse than people perceive in some recent media/podcast interviews, and got flamed for it afterward.

    It all boils down to this:

    Does it feel like things are working well?

    No. Too many people are struggling to get by, and those that do barely have something you’d consider a healthy and balanced life.

    It’s also shown in the numbers. Won’t link to our article on it here, but the current generations are at very high risk of being worse off than their parents.


    It also isn’t as bad as some would like you to believe.
    The economy, according to every measuring device I can find, seems to be slowly getting better. Life always has been, and always will be a struggle.


    It’s ok right now. However the tax cuts only spurred stockholder buy backs for big business an some 1 time bonuses. I don’t know of anyone that got more money. Interest rates are now rising, gas is rising, the cost of everything is going to go up if these tariffs stay in place. The trillion dollar tax cut is going to hurt in many ways as someone has to fill that hole and its us.

    And there is no immigration policy, yes, we need one but I don’t like kids and babies being use to get it.

    I don’t think all this is going to end well. Give it a year and see, maybe he won’t enact them, We can only hope.


    Regarding the tax cuts, I received a one time bonus and my tax rate changed. The bonus was good, and while the tax rate change was not a lot of money ($180/year), it’s going to translate to ~3 weeks of gas in my truck. I’ll take it. Better than going in the other direction.


    the tax cuts only spurred stockholder buy backs for big business an some 1 time bonuses.

    I see someone woke up on the left side of the bed again.

    Employment is up. Way up. Wages are up, though only a minute amount. Our taxes are lower, that is more money in our pockets.

    And there is no immigration policy, yes, we need one but I don’t like kids and babies being use to get it.

    Obamacrats and the leftist press have been using babies for propaganda and human shields for years (I first began documenting this in 2012) so we might as well get used to it.

    Yes, the tariffs are going to hurt a bit, but we have been hemorrhaging our wealth for decades and we have to do something to stop it. Most of the retaliatory tariffs being threatened by Canada, China, and Europe are a joke, as far as national impact, but they are aimed at causing bad press for the purpose of hurting our President.

    Rising interest rates on medium to long term bonds are a sign the economy is improving. READ THAT AGAIN. The economy is improving.

    It isn’t all rosy, however. The Fed (who is not necessarily on our side) hiked its interest rates, and the interest rate curve is flattening out. When it inverts (long term bonds lower interest than short term bonds) a recession is immanent. Keep your eyes open.

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