The Enemy is at home

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    This story was/is hard to write the abuse is reflective of my own youth only I lacked the courage to say anything
    If you are being abused seek help don’t wait and don’t remain silent. please excuse my bad grammar it has been a long time since I wrote a story.

    “YOU STUPID, USELESS, UNGRATEFUL CHILD”, this was the last thing 14 year old Jacob Stokes heard before his fathers fist hit his face sending him across the room “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IMPORTANT I AM AND HOW MUCH MORE IMPORTANT I WILL BE WHEN THE U.N GETS HERE.” ranted his father
    Robert stokes was a union steward at the local factory and considered the position to give him “special rights , like beating his oldest son when he got angry, his wife Cheryl looked on and laughed she was unwilling to stand up for her first born, after all that would endanger her marriage to the former High School Football star and current union steward and soon to be district leader for the U.N assistance teams. She was glad when the president broke the capitalist pig system now the rich were paying for their oppression of the poor and working class. “Why don’t you be more like your brother? He’s so smart and understands things” his mother asked,. then ordered him to his room to think things over.
    Jacobs room was plain just a bed and dresser unlike his brothers room that had all the latest video game systems and entertainment devices a kid could ask for. Jacob began working up a plan it was time to leave, He hated the U.N and really didn’t care for his “family” all that much either. He began taking inventory of his gear, for transportation he had his Mountain Bike he rebuilt from scrap as well as a home made game cart he made in shop class that could double as a bike trailer, a 10/22 Ruger and 12 gauge New England Arms single barrel shotgun his Grandfather left him, a little Mountain House food and a half dozen MRE’s from last deer season before his Grandfather died and three hundred dollars in cash, not much but a start. Eventually he went to bed.
    The next Day was a half day at school and his brother was helping with the U.N welcome club giving Jacob a perfect opportunity to go do a little shopping, He stopped the local outdoor store, the plan called for some new rain gear and some more food his sleeping bag was better than any the shop had in stock
    he also picked up a good compass.
    When Jake got home he found a note stating his parents where going to spend the weekend at a retreat for U.N district leaders and his brother was at a friends house this was the best news he heard all day it was a great opportunity to search the house for stuff he could use for his bug out. He started in his fathers “man cave” where he was never allowed to go, where he found two hundred dollars in gold coins that had been his grandfathers, two bricks of .22 long rifle ammo, fifteen one ounce slugs, two boxes of dove and quail loads, a five gallon bucket filled with freeze dried food and a puma white hunter knife. Than he searched the pantry for stuff finding some Kraft boxed foods a couple small bags of beans two bags of rice a box of pancake mix, a box of Bisquick.
    He was checking his gear list eureka timber line tent, camp fry pan, boiling pan, army mess kit insulated plastic cup, folding camp oven MSR international back pack stove sleeping bag and pad, clothing for all four seasons guns and ammo, food he stuffed as much as he could in his frame pack the rest went into dry bags.
    He went out to the garage and hitched his trailer / game cart to his bike, loaded his pannier bags and got ready to roll out. He would leave first thing in the Morning .

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