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    This isn’t anything like I had imagined.

    I thought it would come like it did in the movies: all at once, clearly defined, easy escape routes, heroes, villains, bullets whizzing by without hitting anyone important, ranks of well-prepared, coordinated, team-oriented survivalists banding together and helping the sheeple navigate their way through the disaster or tyranny.

    No such luck. It didn’t happen all at once, the signs were vague at best, even to the most diligent prepper mind, the bullets were few and far between, and the preppers (or those claiming to be) were just as stupid, panicky and disorganized as the sheeple.

    Looking back, I suppose the earliest, most telling sign that we were on the road to doom was the fact that the news stopped talking about terrorism coming from abroad. In what seemed like overnight, the “threats” all changed to the ubiquitous “homegrown terrorists,” the ones who grew up in this nation, the ones blamed for Oklahoma City in ’95, Boston in ’13, and dozens more smaller incidents still on the tip of the publics’ collective brain.

    It makes much more sense in retrospect, the tactic they used. In the 18 years between the two “major” attacks, there were two dozen accounts of “crazed right wingers” who posted “anti-government” and “tea party rants” that condemned them in the public’s eyes, whether they had anything to do with the attacks or not. The shootings, bombings, murders and other acts were pointed more toward the gun-toting, bible-thumping, constitutional-types that had, for a generation, been demonized strategically and mercilessly.

    Little by little, laws were enacted to erode the average citizen’s liberty, without a hint of a struggle. Those who were able to squeak out a word or two of protest were shouted down, their careers threatened, their cries silenced before they could have anything resembling an impact. The majority just continued shoving fast food down their throats and watching reality TV while their rights were stripped away.

    The second, clear-as-glass hint that we were doomed should have been the increase in the powers of the TSA. Once it was established by a handful of “plots foiled by the FBI” and one attack that claimed lives and showed weeping parents for two weeks straight, the enacting of the laws extending the scope of TSA rule put the squeeze on freedom of movement within the United States. Ironically, the Southern border remained the open spigot it had always been.

    The TSA (public transport division) was first assigned to subway stations and El trains in New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington DC. It “worked so well” (many more “plots” were “foiled”) that they extended it within the year to the ports at New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Again, many more “terrorist attack plans” were averted by the quick-thinking federal agencies who managed to catch the people they were setting up with fake explosives.

    Before anyone knew what was happening, programs were being set up in every major city to monitor bus stations, train stations, even taxi stands. This “success” was followed by random road stops, searches, patrols, K-9 units…every law enforcement agency and “private contractor” seemed to be working under the blanket supervision of the TSA. If it moved on wheels, floated on water, or flew in the sky, the TSA had their nose in it. Soon after the Interstate system was equipped with nationwide checkpoints and guard posts, travel permits became the norm. They were required for interstate travel, but only conditionally at first. Truck drivers and other delivery services got a pass, provided by (and paid for) their employer, family vacationers would simply pay a little fee and fill out a little form, and commuters who lived on the border would simply pay a toll every day and scan their ID. Otherwise, everyone was pretty much subject to searches, seizures, inspections, detention, incarceration, interrogation…the US had kind of turned into one giant airport at that point.
    And still no one complained. For as many millions of people who use the roads, millions more didn’t travel out of state; not often enough to justify complaining about the restrictions. They just stayed in their homes, went to work, came home, watched TV, microwaved a pot pie, played video games, drank beer, and slept in their warm beds.

    Then came the weapons restrictions: no transporting firearms across state lines by individuals; no transporting firearms more than 500 miles by individuals; no transporting firearms or ammunition outside of an individual’s city limits; no transporting firearms, ammunition or weaponry within the city limits from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

    Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? And all it once, it would be. But what would normally take years was expedited by the occasional “thwarted attack” that renewed the public’s indifference to the eradication of individual freedom. After all, only a right-wing gun nut, like the one who killed all those people in that place that one time, would want to transport a GUNNNN across state lines, or to another city, or at night, like a common thief, rapist or murderer.

    Naturally, this didn’t do a thing to curb the theft, rape or murder rates in cities like New York, Chicago, LA or DC. The criminals and gangs who carried and used weapons in the commission of their crimes continued unabated. For every 10 the police caught and locked up for a few months, 100 would show up to take their place. For every gangbanger’s pistol that would get confiscated and ostensibly destroyed, a dozen more firearms of every design would arrive fresh off the truck from Mexico, straight into the hands of the criminal element. Meanwhile, every law-abiding, weapon-carrying Midwesterner caught in violation would have the book thrown at him, made into an example, a warning to the others, who were quickly cowed and subjugated. The ACLU couldn’t be happier with the arrangement, and the majority who weren’t affected just kept right on slurping down MSGs, trans fats, chemicals & toxins, while watching the ball game, getting wasted, and wondering why their paychecks were getting smaller and smaller, barely enough to pay for their diabetes medication.

    More and more, we began seeing armored police vehicles patrolling the streets. It was supposed to make us feel safer; safe from the gangs, those violators of the “safety measures” designed to keep us all shielded from the right-wing lunatics who, according to our favorite cop shows, were consolidating their power in razor-wire compounds, filled with such scary imagery as great big assault rifles, camouflage clothing, eagle statues, and these big, red-white-and-blue flags so often associated with those bloodthirsty radicals. “Freedom and liberty!” they would chant, just before blowing up a pre-school or shooting up a diversity march.
    Fortunately, the brilliant and diverse team of detectives would catch on and foil the terrorists before they could kill again. Tune in next week.

    By the time it was obvious, it was too late. Those who would protest were already in jail. Those who would fight for freedom were dead, missing, or threatened into submission. Those who were prepared had their materials confiscated as “terrorist training materials.”

    Now, we sit in our living rooms, waiting for the government trucks to show up. Not the US government; the Chinese government. After the wage-earners were outspent by the wage-takers, the balance was upset. There simply weren’t enough people working and paying the taxes necessary to provide for those who refused to earn a living. The US government kept borrowing, kept overspending, kept stretching itself too thin. It was only a matter of time before the bubble burst, and when it did, the Chinese were poised, perched if you will, ready to swoop in and save the day by contributing food and manpower to help prop up the US economy before it collapsed completely.

    The food came in the form of trucks with the Communist Chinese flag emblazoned on the side. Thousands upon thousands of semis, formerly owned and operated by private transportation companies, were commandeered in the national interest by the joint US/Chinese Aid Administration. They took the food to “less fortunate” neighborhoods, which became more and more common as the months went on.

    The manpower came in the form of over two million Red Chinese Army soldiers, welcomed with open arms by the administration, working at first in conjunction with the US forces already working within the borders, then eventually taking over as supervisors. The next time a new batch of uniforms came in, they no longer had American flag patches. They had a new symbol; one that represented our new, glorious regime, which now included Russia.

    Around the same time, the food handouts started to be accompanied by indoctrination pamphlets, explaining to the citizens who was providing the food to them, and why. The Chinese and Russian governments were our friends; all the TV shows reflected this. All the radio stations agreed with this assessment. The newscasters all had praises to sing for our benevolent communist allies, all while continuing to warn us of the constant threat posed by the right-wing lunatics and their right-wing, tea party, American capitalist lies and violent ways.

    So that’s the way it’s been in America now for the past few years. A whole generation of young people are growing up in the Communist States of America, happy as little red clams. Russia and China have made deals with the Arab countries to maintain peace for oil, but when that runs out, you can bet that the Middle East will be dealt with swiftly and finally (and I’m talking about both sides).

    As for the rest of the world, well, once America fell, Europe folded like a cheap suit. It was already well on its way anyway. South America, Africa, Australia – no one had the ability to resist the world’s newest and strongest superpower. And with the Communist World State assured, the one-world government planned all those years ago had finally come to fruition. The planet was now under the dominion of a single entity…and not a benevolent one.

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