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    Ok, I know that many of you have probably read it, but I thought that I would mention it anyway—the book The Last Centurion by John Ringo. Ringo is best known for his military science fiction, but this book is very reality based—not science fiction. It is written blog style, told in the first person by a U.S. Army officer. Set about 10 years from now, the book tells of us still being in Afghanistan, involved a bit in Iraq, and having finally gone into Iran. While the officer is in Iran, the flu pandemic hits, the climate changes, the economy tanks, and it is TEOTWAWKI all the way. It is very insightful, not just about societal change and response to disaster, but also for the political comments (including some great stuff about socialized medicine). It was a great read, and for the most part was pretty face paced. Warning, it does drag in a few spots, but they are short.

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