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    T Willy

    Yesterday, a fight broke out on my college campus. I did not witness the event, and as of now, all I have to go by is the account of those who WERE there.

    A student burst into a classroom and accused a teacher of slashing his tires. After this, he attacked him. Other students and faculty restrained the man until the police arrived. I personally witnessed the teacher (an older man) being carried out on a stretcher by 5 EMTs as I went to my other class.

    It suddenly hit me as I returned home: what if he’d had a weapon? Here is a student who went berserk over freaking TIRES, and the first thing he does is attack the most unlikely person to do it! He was in the right mindset to KILL someone!

    Years ago, there was a shooting at Heath High School (the first big incident of the 90s, the one that seemed to set the standard for all shootings since). I was a friend of one of the survivors (she can no longer walk). A year ago, a friend of mine who goes to church was approached by a drunk man with a gun ON HIS OWN LAND, and to beat all, someone broke into my dad’s business truck a few months later! Oh, did I mention there used to be a meth lab near my house?

    I live in a small town of about 40,000 in a tiny little nook of the country. Nothing important is around here except the Ohio river.

    Let this serve as a warning to those of you who think “It can never happen to ME” (I doubt that is anyone here…) it just might!

    This settles it. I’m getting my Concealed Weapons Permit ASAP! Dad and I both are signed up to take a class in about a week. The permit won’t do me much good, since the college has a ban on guns (even though state law allows them to decide that). And I expect to be in college for at LEAST another few years (I guess pocket knives are always an option…)

    The next time something like this happens it just might be ME! And when it does, I want to have options!

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