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    Give your loved ones a bear hug. Give them a kiss on the cheek. Tell them that you love them. Now is the time to do it. I worked the E.R. for years. I have seen every kind of death possible. The one thing that I learned from all the carnage is that living is the whole point. You got to care. You have to protect yourself and your family. There is always going to be bad guys out there. Deal with the bad guys and give the rest a hug and maybe a bowl of beans. Am I my brothers keeper? I say yes. I will share what I have with you.
    If you try to harm me or my loved ones, you are going to have a bad day, a really bad day. You reap what you sow. It sucks but that is the way the world is. Give me a smile or a hug and I will give you a bowl of beans.

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