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    A lot of great info to sort thru. Thanks everyone!

    Does anyone use a kindle or similar book reader to store info? I was looking at them, but wanted to wait for the cost to come down.


    I know what you mean, DuttyDad, I like the idea of the Kindle too. But for the price and limitations of it, I don’t think that it is worth it.

    However….have you considered an iPhone or iTouch? I have an iPhone and like it a lot. Ok, as a phone it is average to sucky, but for everything else it is not bad. And, Amazon has created a free Kindle app for the iPhone. I can buy Kindle edition books and download them directly to my iPhone. I was doing clinicals the other day and downloaded one of my textbooks to my iPhone for half the price of the hard copy, and got all thousand plus pages downloaded in just a few minutes. So far, it seems pretty good. You get all of the stuff of an iPhone, plus a Kindle at almost $100 less than a Kindle (depending on the iPhone/iTouch you get).


    John, I use the Sidekick, have for years and it does what I need it to, plus the unlimited data/texting plan is affordable. I’ve drooled over my friends I-phone, but will probably stick with what I have for a while longer.


    I can understand that. Being stuck with AT&T sucks, and our bill is consistently stupidly high. I like the iPhone as a handheld computer, but as a phone…

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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