The Trucker and the Preacher

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    There was this trucker who realized he had a real keen eye for spotting politicians from a distance, so good in fact that he could see them from over a mile away with 100% accuracy. So deciding to put his new found gift to good use, every time he would see a politician walking along side the road he’d swerve real hard and run them over. He did this for several months ridding the world of all the scum of the earth until one day he saw a preacher walking along side the road. So as the knight of the road he was, he decided to be a good Sumaritan and offer the preacher a ride. As they were rolling along, the trucker spotted a politician in the distance, with the adrenaline pumping he completely forgot about the preacher who happened to be sitting in the passenger seat. As he approached the politician he instinctively swerved to hit him and then realized that the preacher was still sitting next to him. So he pulled the truck hard back to the highway narrowly missing the politician. As he swerved back to the left he heard a loud thunk and looked in the rear view mirror to see the politician flopping in the dirt. Looking back at the preacher he said “Oh No! I thought I missed that politician!” The preacher looked back at the trucker and said: “Don’t worry, I opened the door and got him for ya!”

    No offense intended to Preachers and Truckers


    Smart preacher! That was a good one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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