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    Major French

    Flat lands.His wife looked nervous at their new home. George couldn’t blame Mary Ann. She’d lived in the mountainous part of Dixie Alley. Flash floods, Wild fires, Obama, Tree huggers,meth, opiates, and two annual vicious twister seasons meant there were few benefits to living there.

    But his son was happily thriving in their new enviroment. He had found out rapidly the new advantages of the semi rural town. Bobby had found out where the animal clinic, animal emergency, discount gun store, and like useful things were. The bus passed their house bi-hourly M-S, and hourly on on Sunday. Bobby had been there less than a week and already he’d gotten a job at the local gun shop. THe boss liked his work ethic. Brian was rapidly their most effective sales man, too. He simply sacrificed his commission, too. Due to the vast material he moved, his boss paid him $600.00 a week for a thirty hours week.

    But then Bobby was industrious. When Bobby was in the fourth grade, a jock coach told George that boys only went to high school to further the school’s sports programs. George then allowed Bobby to get his GED, which he passed. He then went to work for $375.00/week running a log splitter in a neighbor’s firewood camp. Monday through Thursday 7-2:30. Bobby put $75.00 a week into his savings account and $75.00 more into a Christmas Club. $75.00 more into a money jar weekly as a form of socialized medicine for his cat and dog. Because his parents allowed him indoor pets, he seldom had to mobilize it. The rest went to a money box for which he ran his life.

    Within months, it was benefiting his parents… and in ways not anticipated, too.”Money’s is just to help your family. It’s not supposed to be a god. That’s what the Bible says of the Love of Money.’ He noticed as his mom looked frightened. “Mommy. what ‘s wrong?” Her face contorted before she burst out, shaking. “Israel Coleman say he’d kill you and your father both if I didn’t sleep with him!” “I have heard of this evil man while talking with my work crew. As a juvenile, he never got caught. He raped fifty girls and women. He murdered several men and older boys whom stood up to him. His punk family bullied their families into silence, too. There’s of suspicious fires and disappearances associated with that man. He joined the Marines and got his record officially cleared afterwards, too. And his evil has now returned, too.”

    “Mommy , I’ll help you”. A phone call found a Trump victory sale at Cabela’s. They left home 2:55 p.m. The bank cashed his Christmas club and they were at Cabela’s by 6:45 p.m. Two Saint 15 AR-15s were purchased, along with G3 P MAGS, ammo,slings tac gear,cleaning kits and two Blitzkrieg Component neon green Chevron front sight posts. The store did install the latter, too. $2200 wisely spent.Two free slings were also included. George was not surprised. “Well, I’ve been saving to buy a .45 auto, what with things getting so crazy
    lately. I want a Commander, like the Ruger that uses the regular barrel bushing. “Daddy, I can look up where to get it the cheapest at, too.”

    A cheap notebook revealed a better choice. Because there would be no gun shops open after 9 p.m; Both Mary Ann and Bobby took turns standing guard with their AR-15s, because the sole gun his Dad was a .357 magnum Taurus 617 revolver. Not the wisest choice when the Colemans regularly gang-murdered people, too. Bobby took the watch until midnight, and then Maryanne took over. At eight a.m. they left for the bank. Bobbed popped his savings account.

    They went to multiple gun shops in towns, when adjacent the state line, they found ‘The Tactical Hunter’. They left with two Para USA Expert Commander .45 acp pistols, twelve Chip McCormick ten round Powermags, ammunition, holsters, and gun belts. Bobby did get the video game system he wanted and along with a self stand up TV set and several games, too. Bobby still had $1000.00 left . He put $500.00 in his savings account but put $500.00 in a secret place adjacent his money jar. It would be his go cash.

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