This guy who got in trouble in NJ

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    Photon Guy

    There was a case of this guy who got in trouble in NJ. Here is how it happened. This guy was a martial arts student and he was driving home. He accidentally cut this other guy off on the road who was driving a big pickup truck. The guy in the pickup truck started following the martial arts student and a few blocks away from his house he was still following him. The martial arts student decides he doesn’t want the guy in the pickup truck to know where he lives so he pulls over and gets out of his car to confront the guy. The pickup truck pulls over and this big guy wearing a cowboy hat gets out and comes charging at the martial arts student. The martial arts student sidesteps him, knees him in the stomach, and hits him in the mouth with a ridge hand knocking some of his teeth out. So anyway, here’s the aftermath. The martial arts student has to make two appearances in court. With the first appearance he thought he was in the right so he doesn’t have a lawyer with him and he gets the book thrown at him. At his second appearance he does have a lawyer and since he had a lawyer he was able to avoid any prison time but he still got a big fine, he had to pay for the guy’s teeth, and he’s now got a felony record. A felony record is something you do not want to get, aside from losing some of your rights as an American citizen you might never be able to hold down a job. So here is the case, this guy got in trouble and now has a record even though it was the other guy who attacked him first. It was the other guy who came rushing at him. And this isn’t even a case that involves guns or any other sort of weapon, this guy used his bare hands. I know that New Jersey is one of the most restrictive states with guns and so much as presenting a firearm can get you a prison sentence, on knife laws they’re pretty tight too, but you should at least be able to use force to defend yourself with your bare hands. We have the right to not be victims.

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