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    As a newbie prepper I have tried to absorb a TINY amount of the information on this great site. This has been my path thus far:
    * lots of reading. Huge beginning mistake: not noting where I found what piece of information!!
    *feeling panic and benefitting from you who are encouraging!
    * a few (very few) random and tentative purchases.
    * more reading and downloading and printing information. WOW pile is building-have to develop an organization method!
    *asking questiions and getting some good feedback THANKYOU!
    *taking inventory of what I have ( aBOUT 30 PILLAR CANDLES I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT! )
    *trying to take some serious measures including: collected thus far 7 five gallon food buckets,
    purchase of food saver, ordered a dehydrator, ordered a vault of survival seeds

    I feel like these are, for me, some pretty serious commitment steps as my budget is limited. I have a VERY long way to go. However, what I am finding is that when I go to add to my stores, I am drawn to paper products, and other non-food items. The food items make me very nervous. I can’t quite figure out the best way to begin. Our current diet is almost exclusively lean meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and homemade soup. We are very, very light on grains which seem like one of the easier things to store. I almost never buy prepared package foods like mac and cheese. I currently have about a years supply of meat in my freezer. I need to figure out what to do about future meat needs since I cannot yet can. I look at expiration dates and get nervous, although I realize that everyone says that those dates can be extended. Frankly, I would love to break the bank and just buy a bunch of freeze dried food (but I’d have to break someone else’s bank HAH!).
    What are some roadblocks other newbies are experiencing? Maybe we can share and help each other out.
    ps how long does one get to call themselves a newbie?!

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