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    This Topic might be more useful to those on low or fixed incomes. Places to get things: Thrift shops, Food Banks, Second Hand Stores, Junk Yards, Metal Recyclers, Yard and Garage sales, Estate Auctions, Used Book Stores—-Real books are are worthwhile, portable, valuable, and you will still have them when the Internet goes down. Certain trash Dumpsters behind Certain kinds of businesses and discarded pallets have many possible uses

    (disassembly for boards, shelving, firewood, and a few others), Dumpsters at wood working Shops, furniture factories, Custom cabinet shops etc., Flea Markets, Farmers’ Markets, Dumpsters at Hardware Stores, Dumpsters at Residential building sites, Newspaper Ads, Free (To Give Away Ads) /you pick it up and you haul it home– no charge or cost. I learned how to “Scrounge” and “Pack Rat” and have collected many useful items over the years. You just need some space to keep them in and the time and Gasoline/vehicle to go find and get them. Rural folks are most able to do this on a beneficial basis. Some things can set out and some need to be inside out of the elements, and out of sight of people and visitors. Let common sense prevail on that. Anyone else got tips to add? They are welcome here.

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