To rain or not to rain, that is the question…

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    Zombie Axe

    Howdy Folks,

    Wow what a wet winter we had. Frozen stuff and liquid stuff! Not that it is getting too dry, but it does look like the tap is running slow…

    Does anyone think our summer is gonna be dry again like it was 2 years ago? Hopefully no one in Raleigh starts that crazy talk about putting meters on wells like back then :cursing: Man that was some crazy talk at the time. Thank God with the reservoirs filled back up with the rains, it washed away some of those ideas :clap:

    For my little slice of NC I have extremely dry summers. Put in some rain cachement systems to keep the well use down, and will be expanding that a little more this year. Always a good idea to have some good old rain water to water your crops with!

    Hopefully we will have decent rainfall this summer, but the way it is starting to look is that those red dirt clods will be bone dry, dusty and HARD come August 🙁

    So is anyone doing anything to store water for any dry spells??? Or are you reading up on “Water Witching for Dummies”??? 😀

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