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    I was just thinking about that Seattle attorney who gave himself botulism poisoning because of his poor canning ‘techniques’, and extrapolated it further to a what-if, SHTF, survival scenario where you had to make some decisions.

    Just suppose DH shot a large elk and brought it home to can the meat. Things are going from bad to worse, and you NEED that meat.

    So you start canning on your 14″ single-burner, 22-wick, Butterfly kerosene stove with your pressure canner. Hubby starts cutting it up into manageable chunks, the kids are washing jars and rings, and you’re doing everything else.

    All of this is going to take a lot of time. Best-case scenario per batch, maybe 3-4 hours, minimum. Under cool/average weather conditions, how many days do you think you would have to can all that meat without refrigeration?

    I’m not interested in drying, salting, fermenting, or any other method of preserving the meat. I’m only interested in time limitations for canning. Any guesses? Until the meat started to smell rotten?

    This is well beyond my experience, but I’m thinking that some of you may have run into a similar situation.

    Any thoughts, please.

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