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    Over at the Patriot there are a couple of new posts. Loki has an interesting take on the State of the Union, and the constitutionality of its contents. There’s another quoting the essay, “It’s a Republic, if you want it” which is a paraphrase of Franklin’s “if you can keep it.”

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    I joined APN sometime in early February, 2009 (I think). One of the first posts I saw at the old APN site was a poll: Are preppers activists? Or something like that. I voted yes.

    As preppers, we prepare for an uncertain future. We hope to preserve our freedom– our liberty– by teaching others the skills they need to be self-reliant. We hope to preserve our freedom– our liberty– by learning how to be more self-reliant. But we should never forget that WE have the power to shape the circumstances of our future, and of the future of our country.

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, tells National Review Online that President Obama’s budget “is not like most budgets, with some tax-code tinkering and spending.” No, he says, “this budget is a choice. We are about to make a decision whose consequences will last for generations.”

    “This budget presents a choice of two futures,” Ryan says. “Don’t look at the president’s rhetoric, look at his actions. His substance implies a different reality. Not only is this budget worse than the last one, but it triples our debt within ten years, features gushers of tax increases, and relies on some partisan commission to do the heavy lifting on fiscal policy after the next election. Make no mistake: This is a budget aimed to advance the administration’s philosophy and ideology. By increasing taxes and letting the country spiral into debt, this budget is a firm step toward transforming America into a collectivist society overseen by a social-welfare state.

    “The fiscal future of America, however, is still in the hands of the people,” says Ryan. “It is not too late to turn things around and inject our economy with the freedom to grow. Republicans have offered voters a roadmap. The president, CBO, and Peter Orzag have all acknowledged that it is a credible plan. We want to talk to the American people, and listen to them, like adults, with crystal-clear alternatives based upon the founding principles of this country and let them decide. This budget is about more than specific programs or policies. It is really about the American idea, and whether we want to move towards a European-style welfare state. I know that seems like those are big words, but those are the stakes. It is hard to come to another conclusion when you look at our debt and how we are spending. We are in a very dire fiscal situation.”

    This year, Ryan says, “will be the year for the GOP to show Americans that they are no longer the opposition party, but the alternative party. The president acknowledged that in Baltimore last week. We had a good discussion, and I’m happy he came, but at the end of the day, we come to this from a different premise. We believe that the individual is the nucleus of American life, and they see the government in that role. That is our big difference.”

    This is a choice of two futures,” he reiterates. “It’s not too late to make the right decision.”

    I’m not making any political endorsements. But I am one of the people. I don’t like where we’re headed. And I think it will be easier to stop it today, than tomorrow.

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