Twin Cities preppers for Liberty has new facebook group!

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    This is a Facebook group of Liberty minded Americans, who believe in the scouts motto, “BE PREPARED”! Here we can discuss how we can work together to better prepared for any type emergency! Hoping to setup a once a month meet and greet as soon as we gain enough member to do so. Until then please post up a short introduction that includes 1. Your name, location, skillsets are? 2. What are you hoping to get out of a preppers group? What does Liberty mean to you?

    Just login to your Facebook account and search for:

    Twin Cities preppers for Liberty

    Then request to join this private group, and if you support Liberty, you will be allowed to Join OUR FAMILY OF Patriots!

    No commie, leftest, America haters are welcome, but ALL races and creeds who Love Freedom are WE COME WITH OPEN ARMS! Many Thanks! Howie

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