U.S. Henry Survival Gun/AR-7 clone

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    I just bought a U.S. Henry Survival Gun at Cabelas (I love that store, got a great deal too). I have been looking for one for my BOB and pack while camping/hiking. Gives me options, takes little room, and is waterproof (unlike my bigger SU-16, my usual pack rifle). From everything that I have read, it is a picky eater when it comes to ammo, so I have bought high velocity only so far…can’t wait to take it to the range.

    It comes with two 8 round magazines. I want more. I have seen where I can buy the factory mags, and have read allusions to high capacity mags, but does anyone know of a place where I can buy high capacity mags for this weapon?


    Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I do pack something bigger than a .22 when I go out. Went kayaking in the swamp today with my girlfriend and when she saw me strapping on my 9mm Taurus she said “If you hear banjo music start playing, start shooting.” I should never have let her watch Deliverance.

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